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Microbiome Connect
November 2023

The 2023 agenda is here! Fill out the short form to access a copy immediately.

What's new this year?

1) Improved Networking Opportunities

Meet your next collaborator, with a revamped programme allowing for more business critical partnering opportunities than ever with over 8 hours of dedicated networking time

2) More Key Players

Meet the game changers from across the industry, with new companies confirmed for 2023 including Mikrobiomik, Neobe Therapeutics, Integral Solutions, Freya Biosciences, ActoBio Therapeutics and Microviable Therapeutics

3) Business Strategy Sessions

In a market still in its infancy, its critical to gain the strategic insights you need to ensure your business thrives – and we’re bringing together the late-stage companies paving the way in Europe for microbiome therapeutics to share their guidance on running a robust biotech

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